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    Limited effects on Thai D-bol

    This question was posted in the 'over-30' forum but it has been recommended to me by NoLimits that I also post it here =

    This is my first question and I hope it's not a goofy one but;
    I'm on my first cycle in 12yrs (you can read more about this under my post titled, "35yrs old and starting over again" in the 'over-30' section)
    I'm 5'11" and only weigh 150lbs.
    Obviously, I have no bodyfat. Guys at the gym have started to call me
    'the incredible inside-out man' for the last week or two....
    I started a cycle of Thai Anabol and Andriol about 1month ago.
    The Andriol I just started last week to solidify the gains from the pinkies.
    Anyway, I've been reading hundreds and hundreds of posts and I have a question about d-bol symptoms that I can't find an answer to;
    I've been gaining about 2-3 lbs a week but I've felt nothing from the
    d-bol. What I mean is, I've been taking a small dose of 15mg (3tabs)
    daily, which should be good for a guy my weight, but I haven't been extra 'horny', I haven't become very much stronger, I haven't noticed an ounce of water-weight, I don't feel 'pumped' all day, I don't feel 'a sense of overall well-being' and as a matter of fact; the d-bol totally kills my appetite. I have to force myself to eat!
    My question is; for my next cycle in a couple months, should I double the amount of d-bol to 30mg? Maybe my 'fast system' just burns-it-up?
    Besides 'pot', is there anything else that might help my loss of appetite?

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    i think 15 mg of dbol isnt going to really do anything for you bro except shut you down
    as far as the anadroil how much are you taking and another question is why are you taking it.are you afraid to shoot test.ive never used it but from what i hear it dosent really do shit for you unless you pop ALOT.
    heres what you should do
    up the dbol to 30 mg now! and get an injectable form of test preferbly enethate to keep shots down to a minimum
    the 2-3 lbs a wk youve gained is probably water,believe it or not!

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    You definetely need to stack one of those orals with an injectable, probably test. Probably shouldn't run two orals at the same time or you risk damage to your liver or kidneys.

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    you need to up it to 30-50 mg a day and spread it out threw the day.

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    And this was my response on this post in the "Over 30 Forum"

    Since Dianabol 's half-life time is only 3.5 - 4.5 hours and you are only taking 15mg a day. I would say it is burning up pretty quickly before you really get much out of it. Yes, you would be better off taking 30 to 40 mg broken up throughout the day. I would maybe add some EQ to this. That should help with the lack of appetite. But I am also a believer in test... so I would add test.

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    Like everyone elst I would like to see you add test but either way you need to increase the dbol . You are basically on a bridging dose and you want the effects of a cycle dose. Bump up to at least 35 mg's.

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    the symptoms you posted sounds like those from test bro. not dbol . sense of well being? horny? dbol hasnt gave me any of the symptoms you listed. test cyp has though at 500mgs a week.

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    bump to all other say test en also but read up on eq and deca also

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