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    Does Any One Have A Suggestions????

    any suggestions??????
    Hey guys ,
    New to the forum wondering if anyone here has any suggestions on how to stack the following:

    3- 10ml vials of broval T400
    3- 10ml vials of ttokkyo deca300
    2- 10ml vials of ttokkyo stanol v (winstrol )
    120- tablets of ttokkyo d-bol(10mg)
    100- tablets of nolvadex
    65- tablets of clomid

    I was thinking of stacking it the following way:
    30mg (3 tabs)-D-bol E.O.D. except Sunday
    1cc of T400: Monday-Wednesday-Friday 1200mg a week@10 weeks
    1cc of Deca : Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday 900mg a week@10 weeks
    1cc of Winstrol: Monday-Thursday 100mg a week@10 weeks

    Diet will be 3750 calories a day:
    Protein: 425g a day
    Carbs: 400g a day
    Fat: 40-45g a day

    Current stats are as follows:
    6'1" 204lbs 10.6% B.F.
    This is going to be my 3rd cycle.
    1st cycle was:
    Denkell Deca
    Organon Sustanon250

    2nd cycle was:
    Ttokkyo D-bol
    Ttokkyo Deca300
    Ttokkyo Test. Cypoinate

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated even if negative.

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    At what amounts and duration did you run the first two cycles? And with what results did you have? With what cycle and dosages you are suggesting, those are some serious numbers! 1200mg of test and 900mg of deca a week. I would think you will get great results on half of that. If that is the case, then you have enough for two cycles. Plus, 3750 calories/day is not enough for a bulking cycle. Those are numbers used in most cutting cycle.
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    I don't see why you would use dbol eod, plus winny at the same time makes little sense. Use the dbol at 30mg ed for the first four weeks for a kickstart then drop it. Since this is your third cycle you have some experience, I think your doses are real high but I don't know what you used before. Why don't you use the deca and test on the same day instead of alternating between the two, a lot less injections. What about anti e's and clomid?
    I would do something like this
    dbol 30 mg ed wks 1-4
    t400+deca 1 cc of each - mon, wed, fri wks 1-10
    winny 50 mg eod wks 8-13
    clomid wks 13-15
    I would also highly advise you to get on some anti e's every day cause at these doses gyno will be a serious problem.
    Just what I think!

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    I don't have cycle experience yet, but I have been researching for a while. And the numbers you are talking about is some serious shit! Like Pump111, I hope you have some anti-e's. Good luck Bro!


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    bro you have enough for a few cycles,you dont need 1200 mg test or 900 mg deca

    try this i bet it works wonders
    wk 1-4 dbol 50 mg ed
    wk 1-10 test 600 mg wk (3/4 cc 2x wk)
    wk 1-10 deca 450 wk (3/4 cc 2x wk)
    wk 7-13 winny 50 mg ed (you going to need 2 more vials) or
    wk 10 -13 winny 50 mg ed( you have enough but id get more and go plan A).
    clomid 2 days out at 300 mg day 1, 100 mg for 10 days, 50 mg for 10 days. nov on hand!

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    you need to change your name bro .....too close to one of the seniors
    Not to flame you ........Just a respect thing

    those numbers are way too high .....your wasting your gear and asking for careful

    4 plates is on the money

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    up an ass
    just what I was about to say when I seen the title and the question heres a good suggestion and we can leave it as a suggestion for now, change you name!!!! something a little more original


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