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    What was Your Longest

    im juss curious..i seen most people run cycles between 10 and 15 weeks..but i seen some with cycles that run up to 30 that healthy??? hrmmmm respond please, i wanna see some StaTS!!

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    longest Ive ran and will run is 3 months

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    I pretty much stay on year around, but I wouldn't suggest that for too many people. If I take a break during the year it will normally be for 3 or 4 weeks and back on again.
    Last year I did go clean for approx 5 months after getting too many side's from an Anapolon, Deca and Testo cycle. I was hitting 3 A-bombs per day with 1500mg Testo per wk, plus 600mg Deca per wk for a few months. I was competing very seriously in Tug-of-War competition's plus playing rugby so strenght and size were pretty impportant. I'm off 3 weeks right now and intend going back on Sept. 1st. My last cycle ran from January 1st to July 25th and consisted of Deca, Enanth and Winny for the first half, then switched to Fina, Prop, EQ and winny in the last two months, I finished with all those plus T3 and Clen .


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    I am on for 10 weeks ,off for four, using hcg and clomid for two weeks and back on.I repeat this all year round.My natural test is very low and the Doc. initially got me started.

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