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    - Genotropin Questiong HGH -

    Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone has ever tried Genotropin (HGH) and what there thoughts are about it.

    How much you would have to take of it in cc's etc.

    And would anyone know what the going price for a 13.8 mg bottle is.


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    Genotropin is very nice GH......smells a little funky, but damn good.
    You need to take the same amount in iu's as any other GH. A 13.8mg vial would make up about 37.5 iu's. You need at least 378iu's to see proper results from a GH cycle, so you need a whole lot of these. Geno is usually too expensive, but if you can get 10 of these for 1500, you are ok.

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    Ironmaster-I am traveling to a country where juice is legal and was planning on picking up some kits for my own use. I know they sell Genotropin there and I heard this was pretty much the best. Is the 13.8mg bottle the standard for Genotropin? Can I get it in a larger bottle? How many vials and how many IUs are in one kit? Also, what kind of insulin should I get to combine with HGH? Sorry for the many questions. BTW-you are an animal and an inspiration to us all!

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