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    i'm going into my 5th cycle...the problem is I let myself get sloppy for over a year.Now I'm at 220lbs holding alot of body fat (20% approx.) mostly in the stomach. I have Primateston, Finaplix , EQ, Winstrol And HGH 2 kits.
    Looking to get to 225 solid again. Should I gain then loose or loose then gain??? I'm not a hard gainer, but its a bitch to loose the weight. I'm 31 y/o train hard, get the right amount of sleep, but diet needs to get tight.

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    I like to have my body somewhat in order before I do my cycle. Why make the drugs do the work you could do yourself. I would take some time and get my body back to a reasonable level before I got back on. Don't have to necessarily be shredded but I am sure you know where you would like to be before starting.

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    Difinately lose the b/f first that way at least you'll be able to see the gains your making instead of thinking whatever gains your making are water weight and not muscle!!

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