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    Serious Question Re: Pregnancy and Gear

    Just found out that my wife and I are 2 months pregnant. I was not on AS when she got pregnant but I am now. What I want to know is if I am on AS now and, well I'll just say it, if I cum inside her while on AS will it hurt anything? Again she is 2 months now and I was not on when she got pregnant. Someone please shed some light on this as she and I want to make sure there is no harm being done. Oh yeah I'm taking Sust250, D-bol and Arimidex . Thanks.

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    Well unless your really huge it won't hurt anything. Basically your semen is the same minus probably a few million sperm and the rest are probably not swimming all that fast but if you are concerned that AAS from your body will somehow get into your wifes bloodstream that won't happen. Otherwise my Girlfriend would be huge. Although I don't usually advise talking to your doctor about AAS unless he is prescribing the drug you may want to pull him aside and tell him you are considering getting on testosterone replacement therapy and want to know any possible sides to your wife and unborn child. That way you haven't admitted to anything but still get your answer from a medical professional.

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