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Thread: Injection time?

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    Question Injection time?

    Whats up guys - i just started my deca /sust/dbol cycle and my first inject is tuesday. Ive done tons of research on inject so im okay with that, i'm going to be doing 200deca/250sust in one syringe 2x a week (tues/thurs). but what time should I inject? and does it make a difference espically in my workout? Thanks guys cant wait, ill let you know the results.

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    Doesn't really matter on long acting gear like the ones you have. I like to inject about an hour before I go to the gym for the psychological effect.

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    I always injected in the morning right after a shower, every Mon/Thur. My muscles were more relaxed from the hot water. Ray, make sure you rotate injection sites because its posible that you could build-up an abcess. Especially when your injections are only one day apart.

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