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    too late for d-bol?

    I am running 400mg deca for 10 weeks is it too late to add d-bol in at week 6? i know i should have used it at the beginning but would it be a dumb idea to start taking it week 6 - 10? i just want some more size and mass and being in the end of week for and not seeing much yet im really tempted to add it I was also going to start winny from weeks 8-13, and post cycle clomid immediatly afterwards. someone gimme some input on this idea, thanks.

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    Add the winny forget about the dbol and know that I don't usually see much from deca until week five or six.

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    you should be seeing the stuff kick in very soon,save the dbol and use the winny.
    you should see the effects riiiiiiight noooooow!

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