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Thread: amsomnia

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    Red face amsomnia

    last week i started taking 50mg of winnie ed and since then i havnt been able to sleep right. i wake just about every hour and feel like it is time for me to get up for the day. is this being caused by the winnie or am i just crazy? is the dosage to high?

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    Certain AAS can cause insomnia. When are you taking it?

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    Originally posted by Rickson
    Certain AAS can cause insomnia. When are you taking it?
    bingo. lots of contribution factors to insomnia though, diet, depression, anxiety, aas, etc...give us a bit more information. goto your doc and see what he thinks, maybe he can get you sometihng if it is a big problem to you, my doc gave me ambiens, 15 minuts and im out like a rock, i love them things. you can also get some over the counter things, valerian root etc..., just look around a bit, good luck

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