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Thread: A little Advice

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    A little Advice

    After reading some of the current threads on this board and rereading a reply made by Pete on a post I thought this deserved its own thread.

    Just because a guy writes for a muscle mag or is recognized as a "guru" in the area of AAS does not mean everything they write is correct. Usually it sounds good and they provide some official looking studies or scientific names and it seems to make everything really easy to believe. Don't get me wrong the Bill Roberts and Bill Llewellyns and certainly the late Dan Duchaine have made some very valuable advances in our sport but often these people are driven to come up with new ideas and slants on things to enhance or at least maintain there status. Please do your own research and read other opinions on these topics before you blindly believe what they say. The reality is very few if any people on this board need an edge over someone else to the point where they should become a guinea pig. Trust me there are more than enough guys out there willing to take on that role. Let them. If the new theory truly pans out it won't take you long to find out. One thing about our community is when something works we all find out about it. Stick with the tride and true methods and let others make the discoveries. Always research any advice given and remember visionaries are Wrong many many more times then they are right.
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    i agree.........
    thats what this board is for, the tried and true, and to feel out the new ideas as well.
    i can guarantee this, if you hear something you think is new, and you post it here, there will be quite a few guys that will tell you if its feasible, or a no-go. i would rather have the backing of a bunch of good bros on this board(with real life experience) than the words of one "guru" to go on.............

    peace bb79

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    i have to agree also.

    My view is no one knows everything. Thats why i ask a question then take the average of all the responses i get.

    we ahve alot of great info here and the best members anywhere but care and good decision making is the key.

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