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    Question on possible gyno & nolvadex

    My boy is doing a cycle with me and he is concerned that he might be getting gyno. He said his nipples are starting to get sore, no itching or lumps though. This is his 4th cycle and he hasnt had this problem before. this is his cycle 300mg/wk deca , 400mg/wk enth, 200mg/wk tren . he has done all of these before except for the tren. he is about halfway done with the cycle now. He was wondering if the sorness was just from him growing alot or if he is getting gyno. Should he start taking nolvadex ? should he stop his cycle? How much if any nolvadex should he take? Or should he wait a little bit to see if it actually starts to develope?

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    Well if tren is the new addition then he should probably get some Bromo.

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    Bro my advice is to start the Nolv at 40mgs for a week and then take 20mgs for the rest of the cycle. I do believe though one of the sides with tren /fina is ur nipples get hard. my 2cents


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