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    Midway through second cycle(all ttokyo)..not very pleased

    I just finished week 6 of my 2nd cycle. Im taking 500/mg Testonon and 400/mg EQ per week and I just started the Winny at 50/mg ed until week 12(all gear is Ttokyo). My first cycle I did 250/mg Sust(redijects) per week and 300/mg of Deca for 8 weeks. On that cycle I gained 19lbs and was very pleased with the results. So far on my 2nd cycle I have only gained 6 lbs. I got my gear in Mexico from a Vet so im pretty sure its legit. I have felt a bit hornier but nothing major and my strength has not increased like it did on the first cycle. I know my diet was in check on first cycle...and Ive kept it pretty much the same. I realize now that I weigh more I probably need more calories. I know the Eq and Sust take 4 weeks to kick in ...but just felt that I got a lot stronger on last cycle by week 6 and Im doing twice the amount. Im 6'2" 193lbs right now..was hoping to get to 210 by the end of this cycle. Any input is appreciated.

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    You're correct...I would really have a close look at your diet bro. Make sure you are getting enough calories and plenaty of protein (about 400g/day) Also, make sure you are getting adequate rest at night, that is very important!! I found that when I did test/EQ my strength didn't shoot up near as much as when I did test/deca and that is to be expected. EQ will give better gains in lean mass, but deca will pack on the size and strength a little better. Don't be discouraged, just keep banging and eating.

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    also take a look at their gear, i dont like their sust...painful and i didn't get very good size or strength from it...but hey thats just me

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