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    replacing test prop! would like help

    will 20 wks of test cyp be useless?... I am getting a chubby, I have been putting on so much weight(not complaining) but out of my nearly 20lbs about 5 are the hips lower back area..I am getting impatient to start leaning out with EQ,winny,fina,..but no test prop.. I have an aboundance of test cyp...just keep using that then? or go clomid then take out test altogether?

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    sounds like you are getting some aromitization because you are getting female pattern fat deposits...and then test is test, test prop is no diff than cyp except that is works faster, which im sure you already know, it'll probably just be a bit more difficult to regulate your plasma levels with the cyp as opposed to the prop...and that eq, fina, winny is a sick sick cutting cycle, should yield some nice results, good luck

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