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    Question How do I lose body fat fast? - T3, Winstrol, Oxandrolone, Primobolan Acetate, Clen

    I am not a competitive bodybuilder so my knowledge of drugs and roids is limited. I have gained alot of strength and size by doing everything natural. I don't have a problem bulking, but when it comes to cutting I really have trouble. Training for me is fun and pleasurable, but dieting is my worst enemy. I battle to eat clean and in small portions. I eat up to 8 meals a day. If I can't eat what I want because of a diet, I become extremely frustrated and easily angered. I love food(the wrong food) - what can I say? Don't get me wrong I eat plenty protein, about 600 grams a day.

    I want to know if there is a drug or steroid stack available that will still allow me to eat what I want and make me lose body fat.

    I know diet is important - but believe me I've tried and people around me suffer as well as me.

    I've heard the following stack might work - comments?

    Winstrol , Oxandrolone(Anavar ), Primobolan Acetate, Cytomel (T3- Tertroxin), Clenbuterol and ECA. I won't be using a testosterone base to stack on like sustanon , nor a nandrolone like deca .

    I've got Cytomel(T3) and wondering if I only used that - would it eat my muscle too? I've read some literature as to its nature being a thyroid hormone. Increased BMR, Increased protein synthesis, but also increased protein, carb and fat metabolism. I like the carb and fat part but not the protein part. I've heard of people eating tons of calories and still shedding body fat at an extremely accelerated rate. Thoughts here?

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    Hey bro, short and sweet....No! There is no magic pill that u can take to loss weight and eat whatever u want. I recommend getting ur diet and dedication in order before u even think about using AS!! Also get ur bf down to where ur comfortable and then maybe. This is not a flame bro, just trying to give u the best advice i can...good luck


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    alevok Guest
    diet and cardio those are the must for a lean and cut body. You can back it up with clen , t3, ECA

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    I here you man it's hard for me to cut as well. But since march I have made an effort to eat cleaner and monitor my food intake, it's difficult some times but to achieve a low body fat % it's a must. I have gone from 25% to 19% in five months and it has been a battle. Eat right as best you can, up your cardio, and keep track of everything you eat. There are some websites that can help you like, I think, run a search and it will come up. well good luck-

    peace and happy lifting

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    Dude, search some of my posts. Diet and Cardio are the key, BUT I feel Fina, Test, Winny helped a lot too. I dropped over 50lbs and 15% BF in 3.5 months or so. Cardio, cardio, cardio......


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    Guess what zoltan1

    None of use really like eating chicken breast day in day out! I would love to dive into a nice big chocolate cake right now, it's called willpower!

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    Just have to add that yes, using t3 without any AS can and will eat away at your muscle as well as your fat
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    I know all you guys are right, but I do some reading and found some very interesting articles that argue popular belief:

    Musclemag International's 'Explosive Growth'
    Anavar (Oxandrolone): Perhaps the most amazing effect this drug has is as a diet pill. Both authors met with a user and the dealer who supplied him. The user was over 400 pounds, and desperate to lose weight. He bought a bottle of oxandrolone, used 2 tablets a day and within three months lost 95 pounds without dieting! Even after he finished the Oxandrolone the effect continued. Alarmed that something was wrong, he sought advice from his doctor. His doctor explained the situation this way-Imagine driving down the highway with your foot to the floor. Even after you take your foot off the accelerator, it's going to take some time for the engine to rev down. Which is exactly what happened. This user had never been able to loose weight before because he could not stick to a diet.

    Maybe these authors are lying, but it is interesting none the less.

    It led me to believe that this AS has a almost thyroid effect without the muscle wasting. It obviously increases BMR by stimulating UCP's (uncoupling proteins) in our cell's mitrochondria. Which translates into high energy levels, calorie wasting through heat and anabolic effects(nitrogen retention - muscle).

    I'll give the diet another bash, but if I know that I hav'nt got what it takes - I will experiment!!

    Thanks for the advice anyway!

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    Ok, dont know exactly why I just did that, but anyway. T3, Clen, ECA will make you loose some fat without altering your diet. I mean all three of these substances work by increasing your metabolism, so it would stand to reason that if, all things considered equal and constant, adding any of these 3 compounds should make burn as few extra calories a day. I ended a 2 week Clen cycle last week, didnt change my diet, and lost a lb or two of fat. But on a 230lb guy, that really isnt much at all. On someone lighter, the fat loss would be even less.

    If anyone says T3, ECA, Clen, DNP, FIna or Var WONT work if you dont diet, then they really mean (or at least I hope they really mean) that they wont work very well. THey certainly arent magic pills. YOu wont drop several lbs of bf using these and not dieting, but again, all things held constant, you should be able to drop a bit of fat.

    But if youve got several lbs to loose, then its to your advantage toget your diet in line for any serious results. As far as cycling goes, id suggest Doing a T3/Clen cycle, alternating between T3 and Clen every 3 weeks. I would also throw in some AAS to prevent catabolism from the T3, obviously, top choices are Fina (since it does have a direct fat burning effect and is strongly anabolic ) Anavar, and Test Prop. EQ and Winny might also be of some help.

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    the more you diet the easier it gets.

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    Re: How do I lose body fat fast? - T3, Winstrol, Oxandrolone, Primobolan Acetate, Clen

    Originally posted by zoltan1
    I want to know if there is a drug or steroid stack available that will still allow me to eat what I want and make me lose body fat.
    You can't have one without the other. If your diet isn't in check then why bother with juice. Yes you can lose BF by eating shit and taking "supplements." The BF loss will be greatly minimized if your not eating right. Just clean up your diet and save the money until you have everything in check.

    I'm not flaming you but it just doesn't make sense. You can't have a great body with low BF levels and eat pizza and ice cream everyday.

    Good luck

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