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    Is there any effect if Finaplex is used alone?

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    this could have been found by simple searching, but i dont got shit to do right now so i think ill type a bit, 'yes' is the answer to your question, finaplix or trenbolone acetate (TA) is highly anabolic /androgenic , you can find loads of info on it here or @, good luck

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    yes you can see results from a fina only cycle, im on one as we type. but many many people will flame you for suggesting that you wont run test with it.

    I personally wanted to see exactly what the effects of fina was on my body and mind. TEST has its own sepperate list of effects and sides and it would be qwuite difficult to see which was doing what.

    as DJ said, is the shiznit of fina info.

    save time though, DMSO and ORAL methods are less effective and injection is the main route. Hit the search tool over there and you will find LOADS of info.

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