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Thread: shoulder pain

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    shoulder pain

    i have never had any shoulder problems. Now i get this shoulder pain right on in that knob part on your shoulder. It hurts when i do chest and shoulders....anyone have the same problem?? any suggestions???? thanx bros

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    had those before lighten up on ur workout and wait till its gone for abt a week or 2 if its still buggin u better hve that checked by a sports doc

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    i have had shoulder problems for 2 years, worse thing u can do is take nsaids and still work out, it will only temporary work and in the long term become permanent unfixable damage. Be very carefull when u lift dont go for big weights stick to what you know you can do be CONSCIOUS of this and make sure you stick to it, consequences of not doing this are possible permanent fucked up shoulders like me I dread every shoulder workout incase it comes back

    be carefull

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