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    Cutting cycle help!!!

    when ever i do a cycle. i gain some fat on my stomach. i do sit ups everday. The weight seems to go there. is there anything i can do. im not eating a lot of fat. does this mean im taking in enough protein and carbs seeing im gaining fat as well.

    after this cycle i want to do a cutting cycle. can anyone share their stories on cutting. can you add ephadrine in with a cycle. if anyone would like to shair their knowledge. pm me....

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    Your added fat is probably caused by your diet. You could be holding water and if you happen to be converting a high amount of test to estrogen may even be holding some estrogenic fat in your stomach although that is usually not the case. You can add an ECA stack or clen to a cutting cycle but again diet and cardio have got to be in place to really lower BF effectively.

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