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    week 5... waistline gettin bigger????

    hey guys, on my 5th week of sust 250 @ 500mg, im starting to notice increase in size and increase in lifts, but i also noticed that my waistline is a bit bigger, the love handles are puffy and my stomach looks bloated.. is that normal?? i had to miss one week of working out last week, and ate like shit , but im back into the groove now... should i start doing cardio... if so in the morning on empty stomach or after a workout?? i want to slim my waist down.... i will be also adding fina next week @ 36.5mg ED for 6 weeks, do you think that will help in gettin me more cut up... thanks again!!

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    bloating is normal - called water retention. if you're going to do cardio, run about 30 min in the morning before you workout to try and keep the water retention to a minimum.

    and yes, fina will help you harden / cut up like crazy.

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