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    Does this cycle look good for a first one

    Hey guys in a few weeks I'm planning on doing my first cycle. I'm bout 5'11 at 165-170lbs. I plan on doing this:
    -Week 1-6: Doing 30-40mg of D-bol(every day. If I do 35 mg do I just break one in half cause my pills r 10mg each)
    -Week 1-8: Doing 250 of Ethanate(every monday)
    -Week1-10: Doing 200 of Equipoise (every monday)
    -Week 11-12: Doing 1 shot of H.C.G
    -Week 13-15: Doing Clomid with first day at 300mg, rest of the week at 100mg and the last two weeks at 50 mg everday.

    I plan on gettin between 4000-5000 calories per day with around 300 grams of protein and 600 grams of carbs. I plan on gettin bout 6-8 hrs of sleep and if I get 6 I plan on napping for a hr or two during the day between meals or somthing. I plan on hittin each bodypart twice per week doing two workouts per day with Sunday off. I also plan on doing abs and calves every other day opposite of each other. With this cycle would I have to worry bout gyno being my first time and not doing that high of dosages or would Clomid be just fine combating the unwanted, evil, no good gyno? Well any input would be greatful and when I begin in bout 2-3 weeks I will update you all on my first cycle. Thanks and take care guys.

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    Dbol 35MG wk 1-4
    Test E 250MG wk 1-10
    EQ 200MG wk 1-10

    The EQ will help with the bloat from test. drop HCG go along with clomid therapy. Yes split pill if you go with 35MG. Do you have noval on hand bro?? Hey just because it's your first time,and your taking low doses doesn't mean you don't have to worry about gyno.. Gear affects everyone differently so keep anti e's on hand always during a cycle never start without them.

    good luck with cycle,

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    Well im going to be running my first and this is what it looks like after asking the same question.

    Week 1-4 D-bol 30mg ED
    Week 1-10 Test 250mg (mon and thur)
    Week 1-10 Eq 200mg (mon and thur)

    Clomid on the third week after the last TEST shot the way you have it laid out.

    Most will say run the TEST one week past the EQ if you can swing that. This is a newbie helping a newbie here so if i skiped over something someone will fill it in.

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    I would bump up your doses a little.
    1-4 dbol 30-35mg day
    400-500mg test
    400mg EQ both for 10-12 weeks

    As for as gyno you probably have nothing to worry about, but I would personally rather be safe than sorry. I would have Nolva on hand.

    This is my opinion and some may disagree.

    Peace, Budman

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    iron's schedule looks good....dividing the test and eq up into 2 shots per week will help you maintain a more stable level and improve results....
    test will take around 2 weeks and eq 3 weeks for levels to drop to where you want to start clomid therapy, so running the test and extra week doesnt hurt like was mentioned earlier....
    if you notice you have to much bloating with this cycle, next cycle run 0.25 mg of arimidex with the cycle......

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