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    Cool finally first post, cycle question!

    hey guys, this is my first post but i have been reading this board for a couple of months now. I've trained for 4 years and for the past year its been hard putting on weight. I eat a lot, so i no its not my diet. I'm 21 years old and weigh 190. I got my hands on some spectro test enanthate at 400mgs/wk. I want to put on some weight. I was wondering if i could take this alone and see some good gains. Or should i take a anabolic with it, such as eq, deca , primo, or winny. I really don't have much cash now. So can i take this alone and see some good gains. I wanna put on 20 pounds.
    Thanx for all the help.
    You guys are great help to everyone here!

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    the test alone will put on the weight, but i think it would be worth a little more money to add some deca to the mix...

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    i agree with viper, this is gonna be your best cycle so throw is some deca , and maybe 25mgs dbol /day for the first 4 weeks

    its a pretty standard newbie cycle

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