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    EQ and Sust. 250

    I am thinking for my next cycle to run 3 or 400mg's a week of eq for ten weeks and add in some Sust 250 but with the EQ how should i run the sust and how many days apart. I also do not want to blow up i just want some nice muscle gain. Please give me any input because this time i am gonna do it right and i want to know if i am goin about this the right way.

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    From my experience with Sust your gonna get some water retention
    that will give you the blown up look.
    I did a Sust only cycle 250 a week
    gained 20 lbs kept around 13.
    Ive never used EQ(have some next cycle) so i cant comment on that
    but im sure the AS Gods here will be able to tell ya what you need to know. btw hope you have Clomid for post cycle test recovery and anti-estrogen just incase. good luck with your cycle

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    I think that's a great cycle IMO. Yes the sust will bring some water retention but the Equipoise helps drain that. I'd say run the Eq@400mg 1-10wks and the sust500mg1-10 or 1-8. The sust will help put on some good mass and trust me you're not going to get huge and massive, everybody always thinks that doing steroids will automatically make you look like a bodybuilder, that's not the case. Bodybuilders take more than just juice and they work harder than any of us. So don't worry about getting too big just run it like it is and by weeks 6-8 when the eq kicks in you'll be leaning out with some solid eye catching lean muscles.

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    ballplayer is right on the money. Your not going to get huge on that cycle but it should have the gains your looking for. But to do everything right you really need to put up your stats, age, workout experience and cycle get the best answers from the most experienced people here.


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    expect good gains around 15-25 lbs if your diet is good

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