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Thread: add dbol...???

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    add dbol...???

    hey guys, im on week 5 of my SUST 250 shot 500mg a week, i just started noticing my lifts goin up and a lil weight gain, i was wondering if i could or should add dbol for 4 weeks... then i will start my fina in week 10 when the dbol finishes, any thoughts??? i know ur supposed to take dbol in the beggining but if im finishing off my cycle weeks 10-16 with fina, i dont think i will lose all that i gain from the dbol...??? any thoughts??

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    good question... ive only heard of taking it at the begining

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    save it for the next cycle

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    G-S Guest
    You can take DBOL anytime during your cycle. Obviously, the most common being at the beginning, so the NEW cycler doesn't get discrouraged, and so he can see immediate gains.

    But, many guys take it at the end, for the extra boost.

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