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Thread: First Post!

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    First Post!

    Hey everyone, heres my story

    Im 21, and Ive been working out for about six years now. I feel like ive hit a plateau and I want to break through it with AS. As a newby and a needle virgin, i desperately need advice on a good cycle for first timers. Im 6' tall and 190lbs 8-10% bodyfat, i bench 300, squat 375 and Deadlift 500. When Im pumped I feel very good about my body, especially my arms, but when i lose the pump i feel puny.

    I just had gyno surgery at Vandy(unrelated to steroids ), and am looking forward to finally being able to show off the body I have worked so long on. My question is, does anyone know a good cycle for first timers who want good gains but who are concerned with not getting gyno again? Also, my gf left me a while back and the stress made me lose some hair. I dont want to lose more, so how could i prevent hair loss while cycling?

    Thank you

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    No one flames here bro but you probably will not get many responses. The typical answer is do your research. Use the search button and plug in all the questions you asked. I think you will find all your answers there. Good luck and when you find a cycle that meets your needs and goals reply with a specific plan and the more knowledgable bros will definantly help you out. Do your work first!!

    Welcome to AR.


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    500 is a nice deadlift looking at the rest of your stats. Keep training on those core exercises. I think that first cycles should include Test for sure and personally I like to see Dbol and either deca or EQ. Here is a sample:
    Dbol weeks 1-4 35 mg a day
    Test cyp or enanthate weks 1-10 400(500) mg a week
    Deca or EQ weeks 1-10 400 mg a week
    I believe in a little higher dosages then some and am sure you will get there advice as well. Look at your options, do some research, and then go with what you feel safe and comfortable with and then post it so we can critique. Always remember to have your ancillaries (clomid and Nolv) on hand. Good luck.

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    arimidex /liquidex or femera run during your cycle will stop you from getting gyno

    nolvaldex on hand incase you do end up getting gyno symptoms

    dunno bout the hair issue but do a search and you'll find more than you'll need on the subject.

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    good to have you aboard bro,
    rickson layed out a good starter cycle for you, and like him, im one that advocates slightly higher dosages as well.
    do some legwork, and when you think you have something decent lined up, let us know, we will be happy to fine tune it for you, if necessary. dont forget the anti-e's....(sounds like youre gonna need em), and your clomid for recovering natural test when the cycle is over.
    this is where i would start the research also........with anti-e's and clomid. get the basics down first, and then move to the gear/injection research portion of your studies.

    good luck, and we're here if you need us.

    peace bb79

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    Read some drug profiles and decide what suits your needs. When you've got some background info you'll be able to understand why people recommend certain things to you.

    Welcome to AR!

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