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    2 quick questions

    Hey I have 2 quick questions. First with my first cycle of d-bol, ethanate, and eq I plan on using Nolvadex only if symptoms occur. If they do how much should I take. Now should I wait till I get the Nolvadex or can I start my cycle for a week or two till I get my Nolvadex. Reason I ask is cause I want to be done with my cycle before I have to study for finals. 2nd question is plus even though its a while I'm planning on financial stuff for the 2nd cycle next year. I want to do a cutting cycle of Fina(76 mg everday) and EQ(200 mg twice per week). Now is that a good enough cutting cycle or should I add some d-bol or ethanate in too? Just wondering bout that too. Well I'm pumped to start my first cycle in a few weeks and would love some input bout both of those questions. Thanks guys.

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    Wait until you have your nolvadex on hand. Nothing would be worse then having your connection fall through (no matter how sure you are you can get it) and ending up with a D-cup. I recommend 40 mg a day if you see gyno signs until they go away and then drop to 20 mg a day. Some think you should start as high as 80 mg a day until they go away so you may want that much on hand. As for your second cycle I think you would be happy throwing some prop in with the Fina and EQ. Good luck and I hope all goes well.

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    start at 80mg/day, when signs subside go to 40mg/day until no signs at all, then stay at 20mg/day for remainder of cycle.ricksons plan will probably work but i like to be safe then sorry.wiat until you get it just in case you cant.

    as far as your 2nd question test is a must imo.prop is nice to run with tren since you will be injecting everyday anyway,but enethate is also an option,to avoid too many "fat shots" everyday.

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