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    Question 2nd Cycle help please

    Hey all,

    I'm just looking for opinions and sugestions for a proposed cutting cycle next spring. Here we go:

    Wks 1-10
    EQ 400mg
    wks 1-5
    Fina 75mg ed
    wks 6-10
    Winny 50mg ed

    I plan on using clen and ECA also. I can get bromo if I need it too. Do Y'all think I'll need Nolva and Clomid? Can I use the bromo during the cycle without fear of hindering gains? Does Clen at the end of a cycle help retain gains, if so is the dosage the same as the cutting dosage? I'm really sold on fina, can't wait to try it. I think I'll order some for Christmas to me. Any comments are welcome.


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    clen does spare muscle
    cycle looks good
    yes on clomid at end----2-3 weeks after last eq shot
    yes on nolvs-- have if needed

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    Re: 2nd Cycle help please

    Originally posted by rtex
    Do Y'all think I'll need Nolva and Clomid?
    Yes. You should have Nolvadex on hand for any estrogen related problems that might manifest. Clomid's effectiveness has been debated; however, based on common knowledge of the results of post cycle clomid therapy, you need clomid too. There are alternatives that you can use.

    Good luck.

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