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Thread: time period

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    time period

    If I was to take a 5-week cycle of 500 mg/week of Sustenon 250 and 400mg/week of EQ for five weeks and then clomid for two, would I see gains or would it just be a waste of time? Is it easier to lose gains if you dont do a full 10 wk cycle? I am trying to gain a solid 20 lbs and keep most of the gains while remaining flexible and athletic. Thanks.

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    G-S Guest
    Waste of time. If you did some research, you'd know that it takes 4 weeks for SUST to even begin working full tilt. Once that starts, you'll be stopping a week later.

    EQ is damn near the same way. If you are trying to gain 20 keepable pounds, 5 weeks with what you plan on taking aint gonna do it. Not even close.

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    I'm in agreement with GS on this one. Get some more gear and I think you will be much happier with the results.

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    Unless you were injecting the Sust eod to take use of the Test Prop in there... (which isn't much anyhow) you probably would only gain a couple of lb's by the time you had to stop using.... As GS and Rickson suggested , Both Sust and Eq only really start to give good results from weeks 4-5... With the best results being towards the end (particulary for the Eq)... Personally I wouldn't ever bother running Eq anyless than 10 weeks....

    Is there a reason why you can only run it for 5 weeks mate...?? If its just to do with finances, then I would either save up till you can get some more gear... or if your desperate to start now you could just buy 10 weeks worth of Test and forget the Eq (assuming you dont have the stuff already) and go with that, Test only cycles can be pretty effective with for a virgin cycle...

    Best Of Luck Mate..


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