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    When did you WAKE UP?

    When did you reallize that all upper level bodybuilders use juice to get to that level. I reallized this when i was looking through Arnold's Complete Bodybuilding Encyclopedia, and saw that even the most impresive bodybuilder before the 1950's or so looked, frankly, like shit. Which urges the question of why they stay in the closet? Surely the judges of those contests know whats going on? It makes me sick that these people continue to lie and claim that bogus supplements made them huge, taking advantage of those not in the "know".

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    You also have to realize that there is not much money in pro bodybuilding. The big cash is in selling supplements. Yes, it is alot of bullshit, but the pros are forced to endorse these products to make a living. You cant get rich by guest posing.
    Yes, it is the cash that makes almost EVERYONE look the other way.(not a suprise)

    I knew very early on that the biggest guys use the juice to get that way. It took me longer to realize that even a halfway decent muscular guy that you see on the street has probably used juice.

    IMO, getting big and cut is just plain impossible without the juice, unless you are genetically gifted.

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