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    Question just put in an order, but now have questions...

    hey guys,
    i just made an order today...well, not really, i requested a price check from my source, but if the price is right, i'll prolly make the order. anyways, i thought i had everything planned out to a T, but he asked some questions that made me come here and ask you guys...=)

    here is my planned cycle...

    week 1-11 500 mg/week test (enanthate )
    week 1-10 400 mg/week deca durabolin
    week 1-4 25 mg/day dianabol
    week 13-15 clomid (300 mg first day, 100 mg next 10 days, 50 mg next 10 days)
    nolvadex on hand.

    ok, my questions are these:
    1) exactly how much nolvadex should i order?
    2) should i take the nolvadex everyday or only when symptons occur? i've read some posts that say one way or the other. i've also read some posts that say once you got gyno, you got it for good, so shouldn't that mean you should take the nolvadex everyday just to be safe?
    3) should i get some winstrol for possible deca gyno?
    4) if so, how much and when should i take it? throughout the cycle or only when symptoms occur?
    5) if i get the winstrol, but i end up not needing it for the deca gyno, can i add it into the end of my cycle for cutting purposes? if so, when and how much and how long?

    thanks for the help...=)

    clocky baby

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    The choice of using nolvadex throughout is up to you. If I was going to run an anti-e throughout a cycle because of fear of bloating then I would use arimidex . Otherwise I would probably just hold on to the Nolvadex in case any early sign of gyno appeared. Order enough to do 40 mg throughout your cycle and you will have more then enough. There is no proof that winny actually combats P gyno caused by deca . Winny is a nice drug to use in a cycle however and could be used. Let us know how much AAS experience you have and what your stats are right now along with goals.

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    thanks for your reply.

    i have zero AAS experience...=) i've read a whole lot on this board though!

    i weigh 160 lbs, 5'8'' and my goal is to be a cut 180-185 lbs in 7 months. i figure the cycle i just posted will give me 20-25 lbs in 3 months and i can spend the next 4 months cutting via dieting...=)

    -clocky baby

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    should be a nice cycle, do a little more reading and i bet you'll double your gains, good luck

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    i friend of mine is doing an all dbol cycle, he was also clean, started out at 160 and now is at 180. He didn't eat right though, not nearly enough calories so i think he's going to lose about 10 of it. He's a dumbass, has a whole 10 lb bag of weight gainer and never used any of it. Be sure u get all your cals in bro.

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    1. 30 nolv's on hand is usually the normal since that's the # they're usually sold by.
    2. No you don't have to take Nolv throughout your cycle. Some ppl do becuz they're more prone to gyno. You won't know until you go on.
    3. Personally I think Winny is a perfect end to any cycle. Although you are running D-bol which is a 17aa steriod and it's not good to run 2-17aa's in a cycle.
    4. If you were to run the winny only do so for 4 weeks at the end but don't start the winny until week 9.
    Run it 50mgs e/d for 4 weeks.
    And before you ask: You can inject or drink Winny. It'll work the same either way. Try to look into the ** 50mg winny tabs. They'll give you the most bang for your buck.
    Up the D-bol to 30mgs e/d. It'll make a difference.
    Get Milkthissle, or ALA or both. They'll help protect your liver.
    You can get them at any health store or shop online for it.
    If your really worried about gyno then do some research on Eq.
    Eq has far less sides and IMO is better to use then Deca , plus u can usually get it cheaper.
    Drink lots of water...Eat lots of food.


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