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    wonderful world of oz,where juice is free,plentiful,sterile, and not toxic to the liver

    Glue in Fina,someone please help

    I bought two bottles of Fina from a friend who has done two of his own home-made cycles and is an ample supplier of Fina to the rest of homeland. My concern comes b/c it is a foggy white,yellow,clear color and does not look like the Fina that i have seen before. I asked him and he told me that every cycle he has processed has been the same and looks exactly like that and no harm has been done.well i talked to a guy yesterday about the fina and he said that my fina guy must not filter out the glue or some shit like that,my question is can i still take the fina if this glue is not filtered out?i wouldn't even consider this but I know of three guys who took his fina and he has taken it and said many others have as well. someone please help

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    If the glues weren't filtered out, you would have about a half inch of GUNK in the bottom of the vial. Thick gunk...

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    Hey bro, ya sounds like he skipped a filtering process. My homebrew fina is a beautiful clear amber color....

    You could try filtering it through a coffee filter. Thats the first filtering process i do. Or u could use a syringe filter.


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    I have some fina that is cloudy also, not that clear golden color. however it definitely works. and the cloudy color does not settle at the bottom, it stays suspended

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    did you use a syringe filter before injecting it into your final vial?

    that cleared mine up completely, but as far as i know cloudy fina only looks bad, doesnt effect it at all.

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