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    !!!!gyno? Please Help!!!!!!!

    I did a cycle of deca and test along with som winstrol . I've been off it for about four months. I was'nt able to find any Noladex till now. My chest seems to have gotten a bit saggy and soft with puffy nipples. They don't look like bitch tits but they sure are'nt looking great. SHould I use the Nolv now or is it too late? If yes how much should I use? If it is too late what can I do about it? If it realy is gyno I would probably need surgery huh? Where can I get some info on that type surgery? Help me out guys.

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    Hey bro, start running 40mgs ed of Nolv for a week and drop down to 20mgs. You might have to take it for a month or two but should see results.


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    the best thing you can do imo is start taking winny and clen to rid your chest of some fat as well as hardening it doesnt sound as clasic case of gyno to me since you dont have the lumps in your nips so taking nolva imo

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