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    Anadrol or Winny Tabs?

    Hey guys, i was planning on running prop/fina and winny together as the second 1/2 of my bulk cycle. (im changing compounds and test esters in order to continue gains) However, i may not be able to get my hands on 50mg winny tabs, but possibly anadrol . I know these two compounds do totally different things, winny cutting and hardness, anadrol bulk. Both also induce strength gains, which is my main concern now, seeing im not using the prop/fina and winny as a cutting cycle, more as to add more lean mass. If i were to substitute anadrol for winny, would this be kosher? I did kickstart my enth/eq cycle with 50mg dbol for 5 weeks already. I dont know if taking the dbol would change the answer to this question, but i threw it in there just in case I would obviously prefer the winny tabs over the anadrol because of the reduce water retention and hardness, but if i have to fall back on the anadrol i will. i will be taking my liver protectants and liquidex as well. Thanx guys.


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    Well if strength is your big determining factor then yes I would imagine anadrol will do nicely.

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    winny wont give you much strength, so theres nothing to consider, if you wanna lean out stick with winny, if you wanna gain strength/size and then piss it all away, 'unquote', then use abombs...good luck

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    i agree with the other bros
    ad will put strength and size but you will lose most of those gains when you come off espically if its at the end of the cycle
    winny would be alot better finisher

    if it was me i'd get abombs and save for another cycle

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