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    Post I would like some advice!!!

    I am 18yrs old approximately 5"7 weigh 75kg not sure about body fat percentage and am interested in doing a cyle of sustanon and deca .My diet consists of mainly 5 meals a day

    High Protein and carbohydrate cereal with protein powder
    a multivitamin and 3 pieces of fruit

    Meal 2:
    2 and a half cups of rice 100/150g of tuna or chicken

    I then train

    Meal 3:
    Protein shake

    Meal 4:
    1 and a half cups of rice and 100/150g tuna or chicken

    meal 5:
    at night a chicken salad or tuna salad and 4 egg whites

    Stack i am hoping to do is 5mls deca 50 a week and 1ml of sustanon 250 over 8 weeks

    any advice would be much appreciated.....what sort of gains am i looking at, or any health risks etc any advice

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    people will tell you that sides, and gains are all dependent on you. Your bodies reaction, training and diet all play a part and it is difficult to point out the exact gains you will experience. The same is true for sides. The best thing you can do is search for the answers you ar elooking for by using the search fucntion and reading everything you can before you stick yourself.

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    How do you like being 5"7 GreekAdonis?

    Because at 18, and if you cycle now, thats probably where you will stay at... other risks to you could be permanent reduction in natural test levels, basically the younger you are, the more side affects there are, and greater chance there is of them occuring...

    If I was you mate personally.. I would stick it out natural for atleast another year, two if you possibly can... and then think more into hitting a cycle... by then the risks are greatly reduced and you can safely go about cycling without having to worry to much about permanant side effects..

    About the cycle though, as Tank21 said.. its impossible to predict your gains mate... it all changes from person to person, and on how well you train, eat and sleep...

    Hope this helps mate, even though it may not be what you want to hear..


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    At the gym=o)
    sust is best run @ 500mg/w otherwise use cyp or enat @ 250mg/w

    I did my 1st cycle with 35mg/ed (1-5) D-bol and 200mg/w deca and 250mg/w cyp. over 12 weeks and went from 75kg to 95kg that is over 40#.. Just eat and train like a mad man.


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    Bro ur 18! Ur to young to be taking any kind of AS. Ur body right now is producing enough natural test that if u eat clean and train hard u'll see results! U have NO idea what u can do to ur body by taking AS at ur age. Please do some research first and do the smart thing and wait! Just trying to give u the best advice i can!


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