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    how's this sound?

    How's this sound for putting on size?

    week 1-12
    500mg sustanon
    week 1-6
    100mg anadrol 50 ED
    week 7-12
    30mg dbol ED
    week 7-12
    75-80mg fina ED

    I'll come of with hcg and switch to clomid, I have proviron . Should I add anything or lose something?

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    dont u think that is a little harsh on the ol' liver? Abombs and Dbol in the same cycle, i'd say pick one, run the dbol for 4 weeks at the beginning of the cycle, or run the Drol 50mg for 5 weeks...IMO dont run both, other than that it looks solid..good luck

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    id lose the drol and run the dbol for the first 4 wks and then at wk 10-15 run the tren and add some winny to run with tren
    i think you will keep more of the gains going on clomid 3 days out insted of 2.5 wks,and the tren/winny will harden you up alot nicer!

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    I like it just make sure ur running ala

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