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    decisions, decisions?

    im trying to start my second cycle... planning to run eq 1-10, fina 3-10, winny 7-12... just got to school at university of georgia and weve got one of the more advanced gyms ive ever seen... youd think it would be easy to find something like eq around a campus this size... no luck... got everything else except bromocriptine (is this a scheduled drug?)... dont have the money to lose or resource to order eq online... should i just start the cycle with what i have... the eq is important to keep some gains... also mid way i will get clomid for the end... any suggestions? thanks

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    I would suggest collecting all your goodies before you start.

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    Bro, wheres the test? I see the Eq, fina and the winny buuuuut no test? Bro test should be the base of any cycle. I wouldnt run that without adding test. And fer'sure not if u'll only be running the fina and winny. Im sure u dont want a limp noodle?!? Get some test in there bro.


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    I'm with these guys on making sure you have all of your gear and having test in the mix...ever try making chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips???


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