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    Question lP products

    Hi everyone.
    First I want to say it is a great board ,Iíve been reading it for 7 months and I learned a lot of things.Thank you all for educating.
    My question is if anyone is familiar with " lP " products,what kind of reputation do they have?
    Thanks for any respond.
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    welcome to the board. as for ** you'll get different views some good some bad. I don't have any complaint on his stuff at all.. his orals are really good, and i got good results from his injects. it's a crap shoot sometimes you get a good batch some times you don't. so, far from what i've been hearing i've been lucky. i'll still use his products, but this time around i'm going with naps, norma deca , organon sust, and schering primo

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    do a search. theres loads of info on this topic. its a 50 50 chance with him. not very consitent to say the least. i ahve been happy with his tabs. was shorted on 3 vials on one order. he said he would throw in a free vial after discussing it with him for a day or so. only if i bought 3 more though. i didnt have the cash , so i didnt get any more cyp. good luck. i was an un lucky one to get shorted. i havent read many people getting shorted.

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    I like his deca ....i just got some winny and i heard it's real good. I'll keep using him.

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