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    Help! Using anit-E's Post cycle???


    if im on a test and eq cycle. and i am using arimidex all throughout, how long should I continue taking the arimidex at .25mg/day if my cycle is ten weeks long. i am starting clomid 3 weeks after.... but how long should i run the arimidex b/c i am a little nervous of getting the gyno after i am done my cylcle... i have read a few posts about this happening especially in a test cycle??? thanx bros

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    hey bro i ran arimidex my last cycle at .5mg ed, and it kept water down. the eq in your cycle should pretty much eat up alot of the water retention from the test bro.. clomid like you said post cycle, and if you're worried about gyno from the test have noval on hand for extra precaution..

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