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    From a Doctor...

    A friend of mine is a doctor and he told me it is pointless to do over 500mg a week of Test. The reason for this is because you body can't handle it and if you do over 500mg you are wasting your money. You should only do over 500mg a week if you are doin HGH.

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    Guess you never gone over 500mg test per week, in thoery that may be the case but in practice that is not how it seems to work, 1000mg tends to give more gains, for most. I do think there is a point where more is not better, but doesn't seem to be 500mg.

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    Valid point BigPete, but has he ever done A/S? If his reasoning is just coming from the medical books then I'd say he'd probably have to try it but if it's from research then I'm sure this post will cause a great discussion.

    I'd like to hear the reasoning if you could get it from him.


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    There are going to be some very dissappointed pros because they have been wasting a lot of money. And to think they could have gotten that size on 500 mg of test a week.

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