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Thread: End of Cycle

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    End of Cycle

    Hey guys I am coming to the end of my first cycle and could use some experienced advice. Next week will be the end. Here's what my cycle looked like:

    wk 1-12 3iu GH ed
    Wk 1-8 200 test enth
    wk 8-12 400 test enth
    wk 6-10 300 Deca
    wk 10-12 600 Deca

    I gained 12 solid pounds of lean muscle, I leaned out and improved my lifts tremendously. This is the best I have looked and felt..ever.

    Do I need to begin HCG or not / or just do Clomid 3 weeks after my last Deca dose.

    Also how long should I be off before I begin my next cycle?

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    What was your diet like on this cycle and why didn't you stay at constant level of A/S? Did you lose any bf%?


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    Because it was my first cycle, I wanted to go slow and see how my body responded. Once I was able to see and feel the changes, I decided to up the dosages.

    I eat real clean...5 meals chicken and rice, 2 shakes, no liquor.

    Body fat went from 15% to 10%

    I trained hard and heavy and added cardio 2x's per week

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    there was no need to taper the gear like that bro, but thats water under the bridge now.
    no need for hcg imho, this was a fairly short cycle, with low doses.
    start your clomid 3 weeks after you last deca shot, and run it like this:
    300mg day 1
    100mg days 2-11
    50mg days 12-21
    im interested in what your diet and training looked like as well.
    i think you made a smart decision in the amount(s) you used since this was your 1st go, but you could have kept them steady(and low) throughout.

    peace bb79

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