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    Question Anyone used GH for tendon problems?

    I've been suffering from tendinitis/bursitis in my left shoulder and tendinitis in right elbow for 4 months and no upper body training for such a long time. I've tried all possible medical treatment. The latest doctor I visited recommended arthroscopy for my shoulder and put me again for physotherapy for another try before they drill me. BTW, we don't have here those alternative medical excersizes such as ART and Prolotherapy.

    I've been seeing in GH related threads that it has tendon healing
    properties. So I may give it a try.

    Did any of you try GH for this purpose? If so did it help?

    What were your doses?

    How long did you use it?

    Any other tips using GH (never used before)????


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    ok bro some people may not agree with me on this but Ive been told the same thing. My friend used one kit at 4ius a day went ed for the first 2 wks then 5 on 2off. His knee used to hurt him so bad he could barely do and legs at all after this one kit he has no problems. For those of you who say it may not have been that bad of a problem he does tile work so he is constantly on his knees bending and getting up. So in my opinion yes it will help it strengthens tendons. But if you do to high of ius you can develop carpol tunnel in your wrist, then you have to back down on the dose.

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    i have some tendon problems in my left elbow what is GH and where would you go to get this, right now a doctor is out of the question cause i have no insurance but maby if you can help and give me some links to find out more on GH

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    Here you go abstrack....BTW...GH stands for "growth hormone "


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