my stats are 20years old 5,9 200lbs. 12% bf. Been lifting for 5 years roughly, but about 2 years hard.. have one cylce under me.1-10 400mg eq &deca and that was 5 months ago..

wk1-5 dbol 35mg/day
wk 1-10 sus 500mg
wk 5-12 fina 75mg/eod
wk 1-13 .5mg liquidex
wk 13-16 clomid therapy& clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off

note: i planed on throwing eq in weeks 1-10 at 450mg/wk but i cant find any at the moment. i am loking to gain a solid 25 lbs at 9%bf.. I am not a hardgainer , but not an extremely fast gainer either. I workout m-f with weekends off..Basically i just wanted to see if my gains would be reduced that much if i didnt do the eq.? Or should i put off cycle for 4 weeks and get the eq when my source gets it??