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    Trenbolone i take it EOD or jus once a week???

    alot of people are confusin' me...tellin me to do it once a week. another says ....break it down twice a week...and others it every other day???? so i plan on takin 3cc's of trenbol 75 from should i take it? im 6'5 255.....if that'll help

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    bRO NO FLAME,BUT IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO TAKE IT "THEN DON'T"you obviously have not done any research or"search"for that mater but i can tell you no way you want to take it once a week it will be a waste (its a short acting steroid )like winny you would not take thaT ONLY Once a week so most guy's will tell you to do it everyday at 75mg/day/others who hate stickin it that much have done it every other day and said to have had good gains!!what are you stacking it it with,and at what amounts i say do it every day 75mg/day
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    trenbol75 is tren acetate from ttokkyo.
    j.s. is right, being an acetate, its half life is very short, so it needs to be injected frequently for optimal results. eod is minimal.
    if youve never run it before(and its obvious you havent-which is cool), eod will give you the results youre looking for, no need to shoot ed and get the same results you can get from shooting eod.
    stack it with some type of test though, you'll be much happier. also, make sure you have clomid for post cycle, and some anti-e's just in case........

    peace bb79

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