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    Fat Burner while cycling???

    what do you guys think of useing a fat burner such as hydroxi cut while on a cycle. I gain some fat while cycling. have any of you done this.

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    yes always use one no problems but depends what ur goals are and why exactly ur taking it? dont presume you can eat shitloads and gain muscle and eliminate the small fat gain by taking eca it wont work like that.


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    kinda like tug of war if you will, if your trying to gain muscle mass you need an excess of calories, its simple logic to make muscle mass you must put the mass there, the mass comes from energy consumed as food and that was left over to build muscle...hence, you are going to have excess calories which usually leads to some fat accumulation, on the flip side your trying to cut calories and do cardio with consuming even more needed calories for building muscle, its like trying to build muscle but not supplying the calories, imo you should do one thing at a time, bulk or cut...good luck with everything

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