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    Critique my 1st cycle bros.

    320mg of standardized Saw Palmetto Extract per day
    ALA used as well
    Diet is no problem I have been helped by a good well known bro, on this part.
    One question that I got is this, should I use test prop wk 1-4 at 400mg/wk to jump start my cycle together with d-bol, or use it wks 11 and 12. Thanks
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    I would hold onto it and save it for another day. You are already using the d-bol to jumpstart, so I'd say you'd be fine. But I'd only run it for 4 weeks.

    Other than that, everthing else looks great.
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    not where I want to be
    your liver will not like you running 12 weeks of 17aa roids. Give yourself some time between the Dbol and the Winny.

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    You don't need to know
    I'm getting ready to run a similar cycle, but I'm running the d-bol wk 1-4 and starting the winny tabs in wk 9-13. Starting clomid the following day. Like symatech said......your liver will not like that your running 2 17aa roids. Give it a break for 5 wks. in between the d-bol and winny. Good Luck Bro

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    I would run the dbol at 50mgs. Dbol and winstrol is going to be hard on the liver so get some milk thistler pills or some cranberry extract.

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