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    proposed 2nd cycle?

    Whats up fellas I just wanted to get some opinions on my second cycle. Currently I have 4 weeks left of my first:
    d bol 30mg ed 1-4
    enanthate 500mg ew 1-12
    clomid+clen 15-17

    For my next which I want to start up 6-8 weeks after I'm done I'm planning on
    anadrol 50mg ed 1-2 100 mg ed 2-4
    sust 250mg m,w,f 1-12
    eq 200mg m,f 1-12
    arimidex all the way through

    Mainly I was concerned about any1's personal use of anadrol and how they liked it or if they found the sides super hard to control. Thanx!

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    Just one thing. IMO you should wait longer in between the cycles, remember time on = time off.


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    Second cycle seems good but like trimunex said I doubt you will have recovered in six to eight weeks. Anadrol was hard on my BP and caused quite a bit of water retention but strength gains are quite impressive. I still prefer dbol personally.

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