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Thread: 2nd cycle.

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    2nd cycle.

    I just came off my second cycle 2 weeks ago. I used 500mgs of omnadren a week for 10 weeks, and dbol for the first 4 at 30mg/day.

    On oct 15th I am going to do another cycle and had planned a cycle on sust @ 750 a week for 10 weeks, the first 2 weeks I was going to front load at 1000mgs a week.

    What else could I use to get similar gains without sustanon ...?

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    I wouldnt frontload the sus, just go 750mgs and save some juice. Are you looking to find another cycle?

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    I would take a little more time off, especially if you're using the same AS, but regardless of what you use, you need more time. You need to let your hpta recover to get optimum gains again.

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