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    decca test d boll

    i am considering decca 300 by ** test by brovel 300 and 25 mg of dboll by ** + 10 mg of nolvedex what should i expect for this. For my next stack. I hve learned alot form you guys and can't thank you enough. I am going to use lighter weights this time rep range 15 to 20 because going hevy hurt my shoulder when i took eq test and win 300 300 and 50 i gained 16 lbs and got way stronger. I am at 180 right now and want to stay lean and ripped. will the high reps help?

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    hey bro i liked the **deca , and the dbol . you might want to bump the dbol up a little. deca is pretty good on the joints in that you will have a good lubrication on your joints so you don't have to go as light with the weights. winny is a killer with joint pain.

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    deca /dbol /test is a great cycle, gained 35lbs on it last time around, kept about 20...anyways, the dbol dose is ok, 25mg is a reasonable dose and i doubt you'd really notice the difference between 25 or 35 expect for a tad bit bigger dent in your wallet...good luck

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    I just came off that exact one and was not happy with the results...My bench press when up 25-40lbs...and I only gained 8lbs, and it was all in the first week...Very unhappy...Food was up a ton and got fat....

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