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    books on juice???

    i have seen a few books for sale on the internet about steroids . i was wondering if anyone has bought these or at least looked at them. the ones im talking about are anabolics 2002 and the steroid bible. they're kinda pricey at about 40 or 50 bucks. i know a pretty good bit about aas and am learning more everyday but i think it would be nice to have a hard copy of a reference. any input would be appreciated

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    I own the Anabolics 2002 book and it has shit loads of information on every single AAS out there and also has pics of different AASes and also the fake ones. it cost me $80 Canadian, but its all worth it

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    I don't think books are worth it simply because information is constantly changing in the BB community. Most steroid books are outdated by the time they hit the shelf. There is so much more info on the internet (free info at that) and you can get feedback, opinions, and new techniques. Why spend forty or fifty bucks? Donate it to this site instead trust me the info is much better.

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