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Thread: fina making

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    Question fina making

    I just finished filtering the fina over night through the coffe filter has
    a reddish gummy substance remining. I was wondering if a lot of fina was wasted or if this is normal. And alson what my next step would be
    it seems my last thread was deleted that had the pictured step by step


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    Ive read a post on another site that said there isnt much if any tren left in the reddish gunk.

    When i let mine sepperate in vial 2 over night before i filtered it i had a red layer at the bottom, i ran everything through the coffee filter then took another one and squeezed the liquid out of the red junk just in case.

    filter it with your syringe filter and your good to go.

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    I do the same thing BR....Get all that yummy fina out..


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