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    Anyone got a short cycle????

    Finished last cycle/shot 19 Aug
    750 pw test prop
    200 pw...... Deca
    Currently on clomid and no probs with gyno
    put on half a stone,9% bf,193lbs and very happy. However girl friend has just booked a beach holiday for the Dec 6.

    Is it best to start next cycle after I return or does anyone know of a good short cycle I can use before I go

    I have loads of deca left,50 vials and easy access to test prop

    Thanks in advance guys


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    Never schedual a vacation if your going to be on.
    Just wait till you get back from the beach.
    I'm sure your gonna wanna party some anyway....


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    I agree with MBaraso. Relax for a bit. Let your system get cleaned out nicely, then hit the uh...weights hard when you come back.

    Have fun.

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