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    quick question sust cylce

    OK fellas... i have 24 amps of sust and about 300 tabs of dbol .. i dont want to do deca cause one it hasnt worked well for me in the past and two detection time is LOOOOOOOOOONG... anyway.. i was thinking about doing the sust at

    750 for the first 4 weeks
    and then 500 for the next 6 weeks
    and ofcoarse dbol 40 mgs for first 4 weeks.

    this is my 3 cycle and i hope to get to 200 with it... i am at 185 right now at about 8% body fat and i can honestly say i have a good w/o routine.

    any sugestions?????????? maybe i can run the cycle diff. let me know.

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    Looks ok. Do you notice different results front loading? Just curious. I don't seem to feel any difference and it still takes 4-5 weeks before I feel the test kick in.

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    if you are not going to run eq or deca id say keep the sust at 750 throughout.

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